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Hanflor has own factory covers a 24 million square meters production capacity, and also have 4 more brother factories bringing totally 68 million square meters capacity. 87% of our products exported to West Europe & North America countries. Our product series cover both residential use and high end level commercial use with authentic & HD appears of wood planks and stone tiles. We make every single plank and tile as a piece of art in your daily life. Hanflor sales team provide the most responsive professional to door service from our factory plant to your sweet home, warehouse and job site.

LVT Flooring Click Production Line

Hanflor passed ISO9001 quality management system & ISO14001 environment management system certification.Highly automated production lines ensures formula accuracy, production efficiency, and quality stability, which makes our products more competitive in the market. Our LVT production lines adopt high speed backing layer extrusion technology which greatly improves the stability of the product. UV coating technology coupled with ultra-long annealing system can ensure the product has super durability and more resistant to scratches and stains.

SPC Flooring Production Line

Our SPC production lines are fully automated. The automatic feeding system and high speed stirring system ensure the precise formulation and the best stability of the product. The automatic high-speed under-layer applying machine and automatic rectangular cutting equipment have greatly improved the production efficiency.The German imported Homag profiling machine guarantees the high accuracy of click system. High-precision automatic beveling & lacquered beveling equipment can ensure the good appearance of products.

PVC Flooring Manufacturing Facility

Hanflor manufacturing facility started its first establishment in 2002 and has expanded eversince till date. Now we are well equipped with a first class production facility with International standards.

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Hanflor PVC Flooring Certifications

Integrated Quality management systems is our priority and we have made sure our productions lines follow the world class standards. Our aims is to grow as a respected company by delivering quality products and service.

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