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pros of peel and stick vinyl flooring

pros of peel and stick vinyl flooring

Update Time:2021/4/21
Compared to luxury vinyl products, peel and stick flooring is particularly affordable. For home renovations where cost is the number one factor, peel and stick vinyl flooring can give you the look you’re after without breaking the bank. In commercial spaces, it may be a particularly good flooring option for spaces that don’t see everyday foot traffic, office bathrooms and other environments where keeping costs down is a major factor.For daily cleaning, water is generally all that’s required. 

In many rooms, you can install peel and stick vinyl flooring in less than an hour. Even in large spaces, you could have a room completely finished in an afternoon with minimal effort. Most of the time all you need to do is move your furniture out of the way!
Peel and stick vinyl flooring doesn’t require a bevy of special tools to install either. That makes installation easier and much more cost-effective.

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