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What is LVT Flooring?

What is LVT Flooring?

Update Time:2022/6/8
LVT flooring, (luxury vinyl tile), is the ideal combination of everything a flooring product should be – elegantly designed, highly durable, and easy to maintain.

LVT, which stands for Luxury vinyl tile, is an engineered, luxury vinyl tile or plank flooring option that enjoys great popularity in most countries and areas. LVT’s core is constructed of virgin vinyl and limestone for ultimate stability. The main benefits of waterproofing offer the look of real wood, easy install, and no hassle-free maintenance can go over most subfloors without much preparation. In addition, this floor not only has excellent waterproof and sound-dampening properties but also gives your feet a very warm, soft floor touch.
UV reinforcement coating
Outstanding duraility&easy to care for.
Transparent & wear-resisting layer
The core protection film for the long service life.
Backing material layer for balance
Support the balance of the floor structure. has good fre-etardance .
Hearth layer for stability
Use 100% renewable &recyclable material, decrease the toughness;prevent damage from transfer and install.
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