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What is the most realistic looking vinyl flooring?

What is the most realistic looking vinyl flooring?

Jan 13,2023
The type of vinyl flooring that mimics wood most effectively is a luxury vinyl plank or LVP. Luxury vinyl is generally high-quality and has good visual effects.
The EIR (embossed in register) technology we are using allows us to achieve higher resolution of embossing, meaning a higher density of details enriching the surface of planks. EIR has more knots, grain, clear figures, and small indentations that create the real wooden characteristics of the plank. A beautiful matte surface will gently emphasize the beautiful finish of the floor.
Hanflor EIR products are embossed in register to exactly match the graining in the flooring pattern. This unique and intricate embossing method adds an extra element of texture and depth to the design, enhancing the character and realistic qualities of the floor.

Hanflor Double-UV Coating offers improved strength and protection with enhanced particles suspended in the urethane for superior durability. This gives you the most advanced finish for long-lasting protection. Our factories use production methods and leading technology to continue to meet the highest global standards. Using the best-wear layers and coatings makes a difference as not all “mils” are the same. Superior wear layers are critical for performance. We offer consistent clarity and thickness, vibrant strength, and ultimate wear and moisture resistance.

Synchronized vinyls are a modern type of decorative vinyl flooring that resembles real wood. The technology used creates an unrivaled natural appearance. These vinyls are specially designed with embossed surfaces that same as the actual wood grain pattern. The best thing about synchronized vinyls is that you can really feel the natural wood grain texture which is best to be used as Living room vinyl flooring. 

Synchronized Vinyls are embellished vinyls with textures that give a refined tactile feel. The laminates explore multiple mediums to enhance that particular feel. The surface texture is seamlessly synchronized with the decor patterns and this effortless synchronization makes the vinyls indistinguishable from solid. woods and veneers.
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Hanflor 2023 vinyl bathroom flooring Luxury Vinyl tiles Click E.I.R SPC flooring
Realistic wood embossing 5mm EIR SPC flooring from China vinyl flooring manufactuer hanflor
Dark Oak Wooden vinyl flooring Embossed In Register (EIR) SPC vinyl flooring for Museum
Why Choose hanflor?
We have complete certificates like:DIBT,ISO,FLOORSCORE,CE,SGS,TUV and product test reports. Contact us for vinyl flooring factory price quotation.
Hangzhou Hanhent Industries Co., Ltd. is a licensed flooring company that has been serving global clients for about 20 years.
We provide resilient vinyl flooring for commercial and residential use. Our products, include the luxury vinyl plank, luxury vinyl-tile, WPC planks, vinyl sheet, loose lay vinyl planks, and our latest range of rigid core SPC planks. The hanflor designs are detailed with the most advanced techniques of H D printing and embossing to recreate the look of natural wood and stone on PVC flooring.
At Hanflor, you can choose products from a wide variety of colors and textures. We provide floors that are inspired by nature, burst with contemporary color, that captures your imagination and attention. Hanflor products are waterproof, anti-slip, fireproof, easy installation, and easy maintenance.
Our products passed CE certification and have zero- formaldehyde. 3rd party Lab testing can be done as per clients’ requirements. Our goal is to provide you with quality resilient flooring products that offer a positive and lasting effect on your homes and projects.
Parallel to product development our focus is to provide professional service by understanding the customer’s needs and wants. We also provide door-to-door delivery in America and Europe and provide free samples. We can customize colors and patterns inspired by your ideas. Welcome to visit us for further discussion and cooperation.
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With over 20 years of growth and experience, combined with thousands of satisfied customers, we consistently work to a standard that pleases our clients. 
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