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House Case California, USA

The project is located in California, USA. Owner Simon listed his top concerns:

1.Our golden retriever weighs about 66 pounds which is very active and will scratch the floor frequently.

2.I have two children, the boy James is seven years old and the girl Sophia is three . James likes to play with water gun toys, Sophia is passionate about playing with watercolor paint. The two children often made the floor messy and difficult to clean.

3.The first floor of our house is ceramic tile,which need to be replaced are the second and the third floor with about 300 square meters area.Originally we used hardwood floors, the floors in the bedrooms were carpeted. Due to children and pets, the carpet is always filled with coffee and milk. So I have to change the carpet every six months for fear of germs. Since the floor is not waterproof, the ground in other areas will be deformed after a certain period of time.

I'd like to choose a floor instead of hardwood and carpet. I don't want to change the hardwood floor frequently. It costs too much.
The surface of LVT floor has a professional wear-resisting protective screen that can resist for a long time scrape.This makes them completely better than hardwood floor. Considering the customer's home situation, we recommend WPC vinyl flooring with an industry-leading 20mil protective wear layer shields planks from large pets, high heels, and heavy traffic. A thicker wear layer prevents scratches on the floor from your pet's paws . LVT floors are different from hardwood floors in that they are elastic. Blunt objects, such as cups, do not affect the floor in any way except for sharp objects.

LVT floor has excellent waterproof performance which keeps liquids on the surface making spills and water easy to clean up.It's 100% waterproof design for ease of maintenance, great for homes with kids or pet friendly offices.Durable, easy to install, low maintenance solution for busy and active lifestyles.

LVT flooring has unique antibacterial and waterproof properties, making it durable and suitable for any room in your home. They have the exterior of real wood floor, but does not have the defect of that.

Many people prefer wooden floors because of their good foot feel. LVT floor can achieve the same cushioning effect by adding a bottom layer to the back. Moreover, LVT floor itself has the function of noise reduction. This WPC floor can reduce the footsteps to below 40 decibels after adding the bottom layer. We considered the floor space and room layout of the customer's home, finally recommended the most suitable 7X48 size for the customer. These planks with the thickness of 8.5mm Offers the look of genuine hardwood flooring,but cost lower.


A month later, Simon expressed her feelings to us:“This WPC vinyl flooring is really great! They satisfy all my requirements. What surprised me most was that the floor noise reduction function was excellent. I used to be annoyed when I carried my sleeping daughter to the second-floor room but my footsteps would wake her up when I left. But now I don't have to worry about this. After I put her on the bed, I didn't have a voice when I left the room. She therefore slept very well and I felt very relaxed. Awesome product, very professional company, I will recommend my friend.”
Considering the privacy of the client, there are no family members in the feedback photos.

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