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House Case Idaho,USA

This project is located in the state of Idaho, USA. Hostess Emily is a housewife who wants to transform her kitchen at home.

Previously, the kitchen in her home used wooden floors and tiled floors, but the results were not satisfactory. Although the solid wood floor looks very beautiful, it is easily deformed after being wet. Moreover, the maintenance cost of solid wood flooring is particularly high. Later she changed the floor to a tiled floor, but she quickly found the problem. Although the tile floor is waterproof, it is easy to slip after being exposed to water, which is very unsafe. Emily's family also has elderly parents. Therefore, she urgently needs a safe, non-slip and waterproof floor.Previously, the floor replacement at home was that she hired a worker to install it. Now she wants to install the floor by herself, because the kitchen area is not large, it is not worthwhile to hire a worker.
The LVT floor has the appearance and texture of solid wood flooring, but there are no disadvantages of solid wood flooring. Our floors are 100% waterproof. Even if the planks are soaked in water for a long time, they will not be deformed. The waterproof function of the floor can be compared with the waterproofness of the tile floor.
Moreover, the LVT floor itself is non-slip, preventing the elderly and children from slipping.
The wood pattern of the floor are available in a variety of colors, customers can choose pattern according to their own preferences. Each plank has the vision of a genuine wooden floor.
The installation of the floor is very simple, they can be directly installed on hard ground, such as cement, tiles, wooden floors, etc., no need to prepare in advance, no need for transition.

Unique lock system installation is very convenient, even for those who have no installation experience, the project can also be completely implemented.
“This floor is perfect for me! They completely satisfy my needs. They not only have the beautiful appearance of hardwood flooring, and the footfeel also resembles hardwood flooring especially. My son and parents often come to the kitchen when I'm cooking and making snacks. The floor with the water has no effect on them, and my son won't slip even if he runs on it. My parents sometimes llike to help me. In the past, I always had to worry about my children and parents. I would let them be careful or let them not come over. Now, I don't have to worry about this at all. Because this floor is very safe!”

“It is also important that the installation of this kind of floor is very simple indeed. It only needs to be directly covered on the original floor when installing.Each two pieces of floor just need to be click together to become very strong, no gaps.”

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