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8 Advantages of Hanflor

8 Advantages of Hanflor
Issue Time:2016-03-02

                                        8 Advantages of Hanflor

1.Eco friendly: any qualified PVC floors need the ISO 9000 international quality system certification and ISO 14001 international environmental  protection certification

2.Super wear-resistant : PVC floor surface with a layer of special processing by high-tech transparent wear layer

3.Super anti-slip :surface layer of PVC flooring with special slip resistance

4.Waterproof and dampproof : because the main ingredient is vinyl resins,and water affinity,is not afraid of water

5.Sound absorbtion :PVC flooring with high sound absorption which common ground material can not compare, its sound-absorbing up to 20 DB

6.Antibacterial properties : surface through a special antibacterial treatment , PVC floor surface also increase the antibacterial agent.

7.Quick installation : without mortar, just with a special environmentally friendly adhesive bonding

8.Easy maintenance: wipe with a rag,the maintenance times less than other flooring

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